808nm ASP-SL Infrared Laser 6000mw

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  • Wavelength:  808nm+-5nm
  • Output Power: 6000mW
  • M2 factor: <20
  • Beam divergence: <5




Wavelength (nm)


Transverse mode CW/TEoo
Power Stability (rms,over 2 hours) <5%
Warm-up time (minutes) 5
M2 factor <20
Beam divergence, full angle (mrad) <5
Beam diameter at the aperture (mm) 5-10
Polarization Ratio >50:1
Point stability after warm-up (mrad) <0.05
TTL Modulation TTL Modulation up to 30KHz
Analog Modulation

Analog Modulation  up to 20KHz

(0~max output when 0-5V signal input)

Operating Voltage

85 - 220V

Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature


Warranty time



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