Handy Guide to Lens Selection

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  • Points for choosing a lesns
  • Sensor size
  • Area scan sensor
  • Line scan sensor

Additional Applications:

  • Camera mount
  • Optical magnification
  • Monitor magnification
  • Focal length
  • Field of view
  • Working distance
  • Object to Imager
  • Image circle/shading
  • TV Distortion
  • F number (F/#)
  • Working (F/#)
  • Numerical Aperture (NA)
  • Depth of field (DoF)
  • Relative Illuminance
  • Airy disk and resolution
  • Resolving power
  • MTF and resolution
  • Telecentricity
  • Machine vision lenses


ASP Guide to lens selection and opticsASP Guide to lens selection and optics

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