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473nm ASP-SL-Low Noise Blue Laser 1-500mW

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  • ASP-SL-Low Noise Blue Laser473nm 1-500mW
  • Low Noise Blue Laser system 473nm
  • Power: 1-500mW
  • Noise of amplitude (r.m.s, 1-20MHz) <1%

All solid state 473nm low noise laser is made features of ultra-compact, long lifetime and easy operating, which is widely used in fluorescence sensors, Raman spectrum, holography, physics experiment, etc.

ASP-SL-Low Noise Blue Laser473nm 1-500mW



ASP- SL-473nm-LN-XXX

Wavelength (nm)


Output power (mW)


Operating mode


Transverse mode TEM00
Noise of amplitude (r.m.s, 1-20MHz) <1%
M2 factor <1.5
Coherent Length(m) >2M
Beam Diameter (1/e2) <2.0mm
Beam Divergence (1/e2, Full Angle) <1.5mrad
Power Stability <5% (over 2 hours)
Pointing stability after warm-up (mrad) 0.05mrad
Dimension of laser head 172 x 70 x 50mm
Input Voltage 85-250VAC
Operating Temperature 10℃~30℃
Dimensions of power supply 240 x 146 x 102mm
Expected Operating Lifetime >10000 hours
Warranty time one year