532nm ASP-SL 5mW Green Laser Module 004 (Dotting)

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  • Wavelength:  532nm
  • Output Power: 3 ~ 5mW (10mW,20mW,30mW,50mW also for clients )
  • Operation Mode: CW,TEM00, Fixed Focus, Dot Shape Facula
  • Laser size(mm): φ11 x 66mm

Additonal Features:

  • Beam  of Light Emanative Angle: 2.4mrad



Model ASP-SL-532nm-GLM-004(Dotting)
Wavelength 532nm(green)
Output power

3 - 5mW

(10mW,20mW,30mW,50mW also for clients )

Operation Mode CW,TEM00Fixed Focus, Dot Shape Facula
Working Current <280mA
Operating Voltage DC=2.7V3.2V
Beam of Light Emanative Angle 2.4mrad
Expected operating lifetime > 5000 hours
Laser Size(mm) φ11x 66mm
Facula Diameter  φ1.0mm at minimum