ASP-H-674 2.8MP Research Grade CCD Camera Monochrome

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    2.8 Mega Pixels, Monochrome

    With complete fast speed progress scan sensor, H-674ICE is capable of simultaneously delivering high resolution images at rapid and stable frame rates, overcoming the interline scan mode drawback associated with traditional high resolution CCD. Fast live image frame rates at full resolution expand more potential for scientific imaging.

    Outstanding Sensitivity

    The remarkable quantum efficiency of ICX 674 imaging sensor, up to 75%, is even 10% higher than the classical SONY CCD sensor ICX285 which is famous for its high sensitivity. The outstanding weak signal sampling capacity, coupled with excellent photoelectric conversion performance renders H-674ICE camera suitable for a wide variety of challenging low light imaging applications.

    Pure Image Background

    The use of Tucsen latest cooling technology in H-674ICE camera cool the CCD down to -20°C even when work with over one hour long exposure, effectively minimizing the thermal noise and offering an aesthetically cleaner image. Image fine details are fully represented.


    Additional Features:

    • 2/3" Sensor
    • 75% Quantum Efficency
    • ISCapture Profesionl Software
    • Free SDK Kit



    • Adaptive Optics ans Astronomy
    • Bio & Chemi-luminescense
    • Calcium signaling
    • Fluorescence imaging/spectroscopy
    • Flow cytometry
    • FRET / FRAP / TIRF
    • Genome sequencing
    • High content screening
    • High resolution fluorescence imaging
    • Hyperspectral imaging
    • Live Cell imaging
    • Particle Imaging Velocimetry (PIV)
    • Single molecule detection
    • Solar Cell inspection