ASP- RC-1300 Laser Controller

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  • Digital Laser Power
  • System Power indicator
  • Emission indicatior
  • Regulation indicator

The RC-1300 Laser Controller is designed to interface with the LPS- 1300 Laser Power Supply and provides functional control of the laser head to which the LPS-1300 is connected. The RC-1300 incorporates a number of visual indicators (digital laser output power / tube current indicator, system power, emission and regulation indicator LEDs) which allow the user to verify laser status. The RC-1300 also provides manual user control of laser output power as well as the options to switch between “Light” or “Current” control. Connection of the RC-1300 to the LPS-1300 is achieved via a standard 9 pin D-subminiature (male to male) cable. Compatible with: LPS-1300 power supply only.