ASP - Tachyon 1024 micro Core

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US $ 4,995.00

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    • Up to 1000 Frames per Second

    • USB 2.0, High-speed (480 Mbps)

    • USB Powered

    • Shutter Incorporated

    • Lens Included

    • P67-rated metal housing with CS-mount optics interface: ASP - Tachyon 1024 micro Camera

    AlliedScientific Pro has partnered with New Infrared Technologies to sell exceptionally high-quality NIR-MWIR Cameras. With such a high frame right (>1000 fps with 20 us integration time) and sensitivity (higher than that of InGaAs systems), thermal measurements have never been simpler or more accurate. All our systems come with a choice of accompanying optics suited to most applications. The core system is also compatible with any optics you already have, or we can design and build on-demand any other optics you need.


    • Industrial Manufacturing process Control (Welding, Cuting, etc.)

    • Industrial automation

    • Laser Process Monitoring

    • Gas and Flame detection

    • Machine vision

    • OEM integration


    • Automotive industry

    • Home appliance manufacturing

    • Metallurgy and steel industry

    • Glass Manufacturing

    • Petrochemical industry

    • Miniaturized uncooled infrared MWIR camera for industrial applications
    • Band of detection: MWIR (1 – 5 microns)
    • Peak wavelength of detection: 3.7 microns
    • FPA resolution: 32×32 (1024 pixels)
    • Shutter incorporated for 1-pt offset correction
    • Integration time: adjustment via software (100 – 500 us)
    • Maximum frame rate: 1000 Hz (slower rates are possible using longer integration times)
    • Snapshot image acquisition
    • Communication interface: USB 2.0, high-speed (up to 480 Mbps)
    • Data transmission: raw data, 10 bits
    • Lens: (1) f=24 mm, F#1.2, FoV 10.2ºx10.2º (IP67-rated) – (2) f=48 mm, F#1.6, FoV 5.1ºx5.1º (IP67-rated)
    • Integrated temperature sensor
    • Dimensions (in mm): 98.0 (L) x 49.5 (W) x 61.0 (H) (connector in the back)
    • Weight: 250 grams
    • Minimum temperature of detection: 100 ºC
    • IP67-rated metal housing with CS-mount optics interface
    • Water-block and DLC coating for harsh environment
    • Software included: NIT SOFTWARE SUITE (Acquisition and visualization SW)
    • DLL for custom software development available
    • Electrical interface: USB powered, industrial M12 mini-USB connector in the back (optional: connector in the bottom part)