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BMC Medical Ventilator Y30T

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    • An intelligent technology, featured in the RESmart GII Y/U series

    • Delivers an automatic solution for patients with OSA and/or respiratory insufficiency

    • Aligned with the same platform as the RESmart GII BPAP system

    • Adapts pressure automatically to the patient's needs and provides a better synchronization

                The Resmart Y-30T BIPAP System Machine is intended to provide non-invasive ventilation to patients with complex sleep apnea (OSA) institutional Respiratory insufficiency. It is intended for adult patients by prescription for in home or hospital institutional use. Tidal volume function with additional comfort features offer effective performance. The Y-30T offers each patient personalized ventilatory support

    • Pressure support automatically adjusts according to target volume as to improve hypopnia ventilation
    • Real time monitoring includes pressure, flow, minute ventilation (MV), tidal volume, and pulse
    • Advances leak compensation promises adequate volume support Ti Control, IE Sense and Rise time guarantee
    • Better ventilation synchronization

     Bi-level ventilator technical parameter table
     Ventilator type   Ventilator type   Electric control 
     Scope of application   Treatment and titration of patients with sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome, severe snoring, and respiratory insufficiency. 
    UI 3.5-inch LED screen, English operating system
     * Ventilation mode CPAP, S, S / T, T
    Pressure range Pressure range 4-30cmH2O (± 0.5cmH2O)
    Pressure accuracy ± 0.5cmH2O
    parameter settings Delayed boost 0-60min, setting the Timing interval 5min
    Initial pressure 4cmH2O-treatment pressure / respiratory pressure setting
    Treatment stress 4-20cmH2O (in CPAP mode)
    Target tidal volume 150ml-1500ml, on / off
    Respiratory rate 3-40 times / minute
    Inspiratory time 0.3 - 3.0 sec
    Backup frequency On / off, default value 10
    Pressure rise time 1-4  omit gear
    Humidifier 1-5 total 5 levels adjustable
    * Titration function Support manual and automatic pressure titration, built-in remote wireless communication module, complete single and dual level switching at will during the titration, and supports 
    Auxiliary function Automatic leak compensation, automatic startup, automatic shutdown, delayed shutdown, screen backlight adjustment
    Monitoring parameters Pressure, tidal volume, breathing rate, minute ventilation, leak volume, inspiratory time, blood  
    Wave curve Pressure-time waveform, flow-time waveform
    Alarm prompt Tubes and masks falling off, air leakage prompts, power interruption, treatment machine failure, humidifier failure, low voltage, high breath rate, low breath rate, low minute ventilation,  blood , replacement of filter cotton, SD card full Reseat SD card
    * Data management Network data BMC + Respiratory Health Management Cloud Platform
    SD card data RESmart data analysis software
    Accessories SD card Standard
    SD card slot Standard
    hoseφ22mm, length is 1.8m
    noise ≤30dB
    Environmental conditions   when using it During transportation and storage
    temperature 5 C  - 35 C  20 C - 55 C 
    Atmospheric pressure 760-1060hPa 760-1060hPa
    operating hours ≥8 hours
    Power requirements AC voltage 100-240V
    frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
    input power ≤2A
    Waterproof level IP22-anti-drip device
    Instrument size 290mm × 180mm × 134mm
    weight 1.5kg (excluding humidifier) ​​2.5kg (including humidifier)