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CaliBall: 3X Interferometer Performance Boost

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CaliBall: 3X Interferometer Performance Boost

Interferometer performance is primarily limited by reference surface quality. CaliBall easily calibrates the reference surface to λ/30 or better rms, 3X better than commercial grade transmission sphere optics. Reference surfaces are calibrated at the factory, but shipping shock, thermal differences between shop and calibration lab and other environmental effects degrade their accuracy. CaliBall overcomes these uncertainties and increases  performance by calibrating the reference surface in the measurement set up–a perfect demonstration to a customer that your interferometer is as good as you say.

Cost Effective, Easy to Use

λ/30 reference surfaces are available but for astronomical prices and in limited versions. These high quality transmission sphere can also display degraded performance due to environmental affects. CaliBall utilizes simple averaging to improve interferometer performance. The procedure is well within the capabilities of a trained operator. Calibrate all your transmission spheres with one CaliBall and support annual factory wide calibration maintenance and ISO certification.

Two CaliBall Models

CaliBall comes in two models: CaliBall I for vertical interferometer set ups and CaliBall II for horizontal set ups which bayonet mounts into a typical Zygo or ESDI 4″ mount.

Some Caliball Users

CaliBall users include OptiMax, Edmund Optics, IOM, Fisba Optik, Zeeko, Goddard Space Flight Center, The Aerospace Corporation and others.