Cooled CCD Camera Interline Low Noise

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  • 1392 (h) x 1040 (v) CCD array
  • Input pixel size: 6.45 x 6.45 microns
  • 11 mm diagonal
  • 13 fps at full resolution @ 25 MHz



• Fluorescence imaging • Confocal microscopy / cell screening • Chemiluminescence • Spectroscopy • Single molecule imaging • Cell motility / live cell recording • Electron microscopy • Biochip reader • Laser induced fluorescence • Ophtalmology


  The FDI is a high resolution, high speed, digital imaging camera using a 1392 x 1040 interline CCD. The camera features a 25MHz read out rate and can integrate images on the CCD, for up to 10 minutes, with 12 bit digitization. Thanks to an interline vertical register next to each photo sensitive pixel, the FDI provides built in fast shuttering capability down to less than 1 microsecond. Two consecutive frames can be recorded with very short inter frame time making possible spray particle analysis. Correlated double sampling combined with digital signal processing allows achieving read out noise down to 5 electrons at 12.5MHz. The camera clock speed can be turned to 25MHz by software, fast acquisition frame rates up to >100 fps can be achieved using binning and or sub area of interest. Thanks to good cooling and native low dark current specifications, the camera allows up to many minutes on chip integration without being disturbed by dark current noise contribution. FDI functions include full vertical binning for spectroscopic and line scan operation, (windowing) sub-area readout and extended dynamic range mode up to 16 bit digitization. 

Additional Features:

  • 32 fps in binning 2x2 @ 12.5 MHz
  • Readout noise : 8-9 electrons @ 12.5 MHz, 11-13 electrons @ 25 MHz
  • Full well capacity : 18,000 electrons in binning 1x1; 32,000 electrons in binning 2x2
  • Dark current : <0,01 electrons / pixel / second
  • Full vertical binning for 1D spectroscopy with 6ms transfer time
  • 12-bit digitisation
  • 16-bit extended dynamic range Camera link / GigE interface
  • Synchronisation / control: via TTL pulse or pixel clock
  • C-mount