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Diode End-Pumped 1064nm / 532nm / 355nm / 266nm Nd:YVO4 Q-Switched Laser (nanosecond)

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  • Wavelength choices: 1064/532/355 nm, now 266nm available
  • Air cooling for maximum portability
  • Low cost & high reliability
  • High power: Max 27 Watts

Allied Scientific Pro (Canada & Taiwan R.O.C) has teamed up with a high quality laser manufacturer to bring you this range of air cooled Nd:YOV4 Q-Switched Lasers.
Diode pumped Nd:YVO4 laser generates 1064nm laser light using a nonlinear optical crystal inside the laser cavity. This gives better beam quality and higher peak power compared with Nd:YAG lasers. 532nm and 355nm lasers are generated by frequency doubling and tripling. All the lasers are designed with an emphasis on stability, reliability, and user friendliness, so it can easily be installed into various kinds of equipment. The laser is housed in a hermetically-sealed enclosure and has been designed to exceed the requirements of the harshest industrial environments.


  Applications include:

  • Drilling
  • ITO removal
  • Scribing on silicon, sapphire etc.
  • Resistor trimming
  • PCB board cutting
  • Many more...


Additional Features:

  • Diode end-pumper
  • Long lifetime & Maintenance-free
  • Good beam quality
  • High power stability:±1% (8h)
  • Nd:YVO4 crystal
  • A-O Q-switched