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Laser Micro-machining Services

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    Terms and Conditions
    30-day money-back guarantee
    Shipping: 2-3 Business Days

    • Buy laser processing service time for sample, short production or long term production
    • Free sample run
    • Fast sample turn around time
    • You will have access to Femtosecond, Picosecond, Nanosecond laser from UV to IR.

    Laser Micromachining

    From our office in Canada or Taiwan, Allied Scientific Pro provides laser processing development and laser machining time using lasers such as, DPSS, Fiber Laser, CO2, 1064nm, 532nm, 355nm, UV, CW, nanosecond, picosecond,  femtosecond and others. Buy time on our lasers for small batches or full production runs.

    • Coating removal on glass substrate: ITO, optical coating, gold
    • Laser Glass cutting, Soda lime, Corning Gorilla, Sodalime, Schott Xensation, AGC Dragontrail (speed of 500mm per second can be achieved)
    • V-groove and U-Groove fabrication for waveguides
    • Micron size and nanometric size hole drilling
    • MEMS dicing
    • Semiconductor dicing
    • PCB drilling
    • Connection repair
    • Solar cell
    • Flat panel display
    • Repair and process DRAM, SRAM


    Substrates can be:

    • Glass
    • Ceramic
    • Aluminum
    • Kovar
    • Stainless Steel
    • Polymers
    • Diamond



    • Biomedical
    • Flat panel display
    • Cell phone cover
    • Tablet glass cover
    • Micro fluidic
    • Composite
    • MEMS, Semiconductor


    Benefits of laser processing:

    • Pieces yield increase drastically so does your profit
    • Drop in the power consumption
    • Drop in the clean water consumption
    • Few microns of waste material
    • Throughput increase, speed
    • Some of our processes are residue free
    • Round and square shapes


    Type of laser used:

    For a cost effective solution, we use our special fiber laser  with nanosecond or  picosecond burst mode or other lasers such as Coherent, Photonics Industries, IPG, Lumera, SPI, Coractive and others. We offer prototype or volume production. We can supply the substrate or we can work with your substrate. Feature sizes can be from sub-micron to many millimeters. We offer service or we can design and assemble a machine including laser, optics, opto-mechanical hardware and motorized stages computer controlled with software. From us you can purchase:

    • Engineering process development
    • Samples testing run
    • Only the laser 
    • Total solution fully integrated laser glass cutting and ready to use in production environment or in your lab