Low cost high technology goniophotometer

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  • Handheld, Portable Spectrometer Available in 3 Models
  • Compatible with IES TM-30-15 color rendition
  • Compatible with iOS (Apple) Devices and Android-Based Devices
  • Bluetooth for Real Remote Measurement, WIFI Transfer to Free PC Software

Below is our high technology of portable Goniophotometer ASP-CDM-01 & 02 for you reference : Application & Features :

  • .IES files(DIALUX) and SDK available ; Provide Goniophotometer or customized software; Provide vertical profile;
  • Provide Cartesian coordinates system
  • 20cm-∞ spatial photometric distribution ; Luminous intensity distributon ; Total luminous flux
  • Display of lux, CCT, CRI…etc in a 3-Dimension way ; Display each test point of Lux, CCT CRI…etc
  • Display of illuminance at a distance comparison ; Center illuminance
  • Hue determination and the relationship between DUV and angle of view; Max hue determination and the position
  • Average color coordinates(Xa, Ya) ; Beam angle, flashing degree
  • Provide luminous decay software to monitoring luminous decay and calculating the curve, also include to provide time needed for stable light output, junction temperature and LED lifetime…etc.
  • High technology, high performance(accuracy) & high resolution but with the competitive price
  • Perfect Replacement for Minolta CL-500, CL-200 or outdated MK350