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Low Cost Laser Diodes 375nm - 980 nm (1 - 100 mW)

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Shipping: 2-3 Business Days

  • Reliable ODM Laser Diodes for custom applications.
  • Please contact us with your specific requests.
  • Housing: Brass, Aluminum and others on request.
  • Lens: Collimated, Fresnel, Line, cross-hair, others on request.

Your laser applications require precision components mechanically, thermally and optically. We agree, which is why we've qualified a range of laser component manufacturers, each a specialist in one or more aspects of component production. Purchasing your laser modules in Asia can pose many risks and challenges. Even after the sampling process, mass-production, capacity and quality issues quickly arise if left unchecked. We guarantee to remove these risks by working closely with you and our dependable partners. We perform regular factory inspections, maintain excellent business relationships with suppliers and even perfrom independent product inspection. As these components are often required in large numbers, it is essential that cost be controlled. Our experts know exactly how much each part of a laser module costs depending on different requirements. By applying this industry knowledge directly from the factory, we can dramatically cut your laser module costs while retaining the quality you need. For a free quotation to see if we can beat your current costs, please contact us providing all necessary specifications, housing drawings and application information. Our most common laser diode modules operate at the following wavelengths, but we also provide custom diodes.   375nm 405 nm 473 nm 532 nm 635 nm 650 nm 670 nm 808 nm 830 nm 850 nm 880 nm 980 nm

Additional Features:

  • APC/ACC drivers available
  • Thermal, electronic, optical testing facilities available.
  • IP56 Waterproofing available.