OLED Spectroscopic Ellipsometer

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This section describes ASP's OLED Enhanced Spectroscopic Ellipsometer.

The OLED Ellipsometer is a new machine dedicated to examining the properties of organic thin films. As such, it is equipped with idealized parameters and an exceptionally detailed recipe database. This product is currently unique in its market and unparalleled in quality.

This ellipsometer comes with all the benefits provided by the standard R&D model, only with enhanced capabilities where new organic technologies need to be analyzed.

Handling polymer substrates and thin films can pose a variety of non-trivial problems when performing ellipsometric measurements. Many key parameters will be missing from an ordinary ellipsometer's database, and the equipment may not be properly calibrated.

However, our OLED ellipsometer can handle a wide variety of novel materials which are becoming increasingly important in both academic and industrial research. This enables researchers studying the optical and electronic properties of OLEDs, polymer solar cells and other organic thin film technologies to conduct more accurate experiments  in less time and with greater insight.

Samples measured here include:

Alq3 500A
BD05 500A
BD061 500A
BH01 500A
ET00 500A
NPB 500A -> For OLEDs
BH014 -> for solar cellsAll on SICR substrates

Below is a collection of results as produced by the software accompanying the OLED Ellipsometer followed by technical specifications.

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OLED Enhanced Ellipsometer Specifications RadiTech ellipsometers are all high quality, precision engineered scientific instruments. Listed below are technical specifications. Please refer to each machine's brochure, or send us an email for more details and information.

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RadiTech SE R&D OLED Enhanced

Min. Wavelength (nm) 350
Max. Wavelength (nm) 950
Angle of Incidence 55° - 90° (Fixed at 70°)
Sample Size (mm) 204
Sample Size (in) 8.03
Min. Measuring Time (s) <3
Hi-Res Measuring Time (s) 10
Minimum Spot Size (µm) 85 x 190
CCD Resolution (nm) 1.4
Accuracy Values:
Thickness (Å) ±15 (Si)
Refractive Index ± 0.01 @ 632.8 nm
Repeatability Values:
Thickness (Å) ±15
Refractive Index ± 0.005 @ 632.8 nm