Ophir 7Z07936 BeamTrack series 1000W-BB-34-QUAD

This product is no longer available.

Terms and Conditions
Lead time 6-8 weeks, built to order 

  • Spectral range 0.19 to 20 microns
  • Power range 5 to 1000Watts
  • Energy range 500mJ to 300J
  • Aperture: 34mm dia

The BeamTrack series 1000W-BB-34-QUAD laser measurement sensor measures laser beam position well as power and energy. It has a 34mm aperture and can measure beam position to 0.5mm accuracy. It measures power from 5W to 1000W and energy from 500mJ to 300J. It has the spectrally flat broadband coating and covers the spectral range from 0.19 to 20µm.



  • Aperture Ø34mm
  • Spectral Range 0.19-20µm
  • Power Range 5W-1000W
  • Energy Range 500mJ-300J
  • Dimensions Ø100 W x 35 D (mm)
  • Max Pulse Energy 300J
  • Max Average Power Density 6kW/cm²
  • Response Time 2.5 s
  • Max Energy Density 
    (for <100ns) 0.3J/cm²
  • Max Energy Density 
    (for 2ms) 10J/cm²
  • Max Average Power 1000W
  • BeamTrack Functions Power/Energy/Position