Optical Detection and Tracking Software

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  • Tracking of objects or people
  • Recognition of moving objects or people
  • Self-Learning algorithms
  • External trigging for following action

Allied Scientific Pro (Taiwan & Canada)  provide a complete and customizable object detection and tracking OEM software system. This software can be used to track virtually any kind of object and can be used in any part of the EM spectrum (Visible, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR). The software is incredibly lightweight and can be run on almost any portable device (smartphones, tablets, etc.). Once running, data can either be analyzed directly on the device or on the cloud after upload. Self-Learning algorithms are in place to ensure results improve over time. Using this method, objects can be recognised from multiple angles. A further advantage to this software is its ability to operate on previously recorded footage. Simply load your video file into the software and it will track or detect any object you wish.Applications of this software include:

  • Automated Surveillance
  • Defence
  • Defect Detection (quality control)
  • Video communications
  • Quality control
  • Security

Additional Features:

  • OEM software for machine vision and consumer electronic applications.
  • Runs on low processing power devices (smartphones, tablets etc.)
  • Ideal with our lenses or camera systems.