PERISO MGPV Ventilator

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  • The MGPV is a transport ventilator which can also be used in CPAP and BIPAP modes.

  • First aid to the ICU and can be used at home.

  • It is a multifunctional device that can be used from mobile first aid to ICU.

  • Can be used at home.

  • Short response times.

  • Affordable price.


  Advantages of the MGPV and MGPV+
                                        1.  high measuring accuracy
                                        2.  short response times
                                        3.  low risk of injury resulting from excessive lung pressure
                                        4.  minimal risk of system failure
                                        5.  easy to handle
                                        6.  affordable price
                                        7.  low maintenance costs
                                        8.  can be produced in large quantities
                        Software to Hardware Ratio:
                            in conventional ventilators:   20%: 80%
                            in MGPV and MGPV+          80%: 20%
                       therefore the risk of system failure is,  by a multiple, lower and the risk 
                       of failure, very unlikely because the software is infinite.
                       The adaptive software of the MGPV+ ICU ventilator is user friendly,
                       a number of settings can be made on the 10 inch display. With a simple
                       swipe of the finger over the image of the patient, his body volume can be 
                       modified and the software makes the necessary settings.

                    ABA   Adaptive Breath Assistant:
                       Due to Artificial Intelligence and a number of sensors which perform 
                       measurements in the immediate vicinity of the lungs, the ABA system
                       reacts to the patient and does not work against his natural respiratory 
                       drive. The system protects the patient from injuries associated with 
                       artificial ventilation.
         The MGPV+ is designed to be used in ICU and also on pediatric patients. It is a multi functional ventilator, meaning invasive and non invasive which can be used with a tracheal tube or with a mask.
        Adaptive software of the MGPV and MGPV+ is user friendly and modes can be added and customized.

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