Photometric Detector

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  • Luminous Flux
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  • Illuminance
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Photometry is the science of the measuring visible light, in terms of its perceived brightness to the human eye. The photometric detectors are built by using selected, stability tested Si-photovoltaic cells with advanced color filters. They are designed to simulate the response of the human visual system and match to the spectrum of CIE V(λ) function. The error function f1’ is an index that indicates the degree of spectral mismatch. We provide different products in three error classes, such as Class A, Class B and Class C. Every type detector is individually calibrated and measured f1’ to conform to the CIE specifications. They are available in used to measure illuminance (lx) and luminous flux (lm).\



1. Luminous Flux

◦Photometric power

◦lumen (lm)

2. Luminous Intensity

 ◦Flux per unit solid angle\

◦lm/sr (cd)

3. Illuminance

◦Flux density \

◦lm/m2 (lx)

4. Luminance

◦Luminance is used to characterize an extended light source

◦cd/m2 (nit)  



Illuminance detectors

◦Illuminance detector is with cosine correcting optics.

Luminous Flux detectors

◦Luminous flux detector is built with a precision.

◦V(λ) sensor  




◦Illuminance measuring detectors Integral Sphere and Goniophotometer

◦Illuminance measuring detectors

◦Luminous Flux measuring detectors






SI photometry units
Quantity Symbol[nb 1] SI unit Symbol Dimension Notes
Luminous energy Qv [nb 2] lumen second lm⋅s T⋅J [nb 3] units are sometimes called talbots
Luminous flux Φv [nb 2] lumen (= cd⋅sr) lm J also called luminous power
Luminous intensity Iv candela (= lm/sr) cd J an SI base unit, luminous flux per unit solid angle
Luminance Lv candela per square metre cd/m2 L−2⋅J units are sometimes called nits
Illuminance Ev lux (= lm/m2) lx L−2⋅J used for light incident on a surface
Luminous emittance Mv lux (= lm/m2) lx L−2⋅J used for light emitted from a surface
Luminous exposure Hv lux second lx⋅s L−2⋅T⋅J  
Luminous energy density ωv lumen second per metre3 lm⋅sm−3 L−3⋅T⋅J  
Luminous efficacy η [nb 2] lumen per watt lm/W M−1⋅L−2⋅T3⋅J ratio of luminous flux to radiant flux
Luminous efficiency V     1 also called luminous coefficient
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