Portable VIS-NIR Spectrometer for Agriculture

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  • Reflectance Module 
  • Compatible with Android smart device
  • Multiple configurable and expandable.
  • Modularized design
  • Very Compact
  • Flexible to use both free-space or fiber-optic probes and sensors

Standalone Spectrometer
Collimating mirror focal length 28.5mm Pixel width 7μm
Imaging mirror focal length 32.3mm Pixel height 200μm
Magnifications 1.13X Detector length 21mm
Input NA 0.14 Sony CCD 3000 pixels
Wavelength Range 400-1100nm Dimensions 48x57.4x29mm (DxWxH)
Center spectral resolution ~1nm Input connector SMA 905 (FC/PC optional)
Edge spectral resolution 3~5nm Slit width 10μm Standard, 5, 25μm optional user changeable
RLD (reciprocal linear dispersion) 5.72nm/mm Electronics and communications 16 bit A/D Bluetooth


Detachable Reflectance Module
Configuration 50/0 Illumination/Detection
Relation with spectrometer detachable and exchangeable with transmission module
Light source (Tungsten filled with gas) <1W with elliptical reflector
Sampling window Sapphire
Sampling size ~1 mm
Sampling distance near window
Dimensions (DxWxH) 21.3x57.3x21mm