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QCL Mid-Infrared Spectrometer Compatible with Microscope

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  • Up to six orders of magnitude greater spectral radiance than  FTIR spectrometers with a standard globar source
  • Ability to measure optically thick, highly diffusive, or small samples
  • High speed mapping or fast single point
  • Small system footprint

LaserScope utilizes a high brightness QCL point source, and the high spectral power density (or high photon flux) results in rapid scanning with good signal to noise ratio (SNR) and high quality data from miniature samples. The higher SNR  results in  improved spectral quality at very high spatial resolution. The high spectral power density can make it possible to analyze optically thick, highly diffusive or very small samples.

Key Benefits & Advantages

  • Up to two orders of magnitude greater spectral power density than FTIR spectrometers with a standard source
  • Ability to measure optically thick, highly diffusive, or small samples
  • High speed mapping or fast single point analysis of samples with small spot sizes
  • Improved spectral quality for precise mapping
  • Excellent performance for both single detector and array detectors
  • Small system footprint
  • Easy set-up time relative to that required for a synchrotron source