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QCL, Quantum Cascade Laser 6 to 12 micron

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    • Wavelenght range ~6-10 µm range and the other that covers the ~7-12µm
    • 2 x 4 mm collimated, vertically polarized beam
    • Rapid tuning
    • Excellent spectral resolution and beam quality

     LaserTune is a pulsed mid-infrared (IR), widely tunable laser source based on a next generation Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL). The fully integrated LaserTune system is a single box solution which has the widest tuning range of any mid-IR QCL laser source available. The system is available in two versions, one that covers the ~6-10 µm range and the other that covers the ~7-12 µm range. The laser source can be programmed to emit pulses from 50 to 500 nsec with a repetition rate up to ~1MHz while maintaining a duty-cycle up to ~5%. The pulses can be internally triggered at regular intervals and a sync-out signal available. The pulses can also be triggered from an external source and the system enforces duty-cycle and pulse limits. The 2 x 4 mm output beam can be tuned to a specific wavelength, or can be programmed to step scan across the whole range. LaserTune offers fast tuning, excellent tuning resolution, and narrow, stable linewidths. As a fully integrated and embedded system, LaserTune offers full control via a USB connection to a computer. LaserTune comes with its own LaserTune Software and can also be remotely controlled via a socket interface providing the flexibility to be used with various lab automation software such as LabView, Matlab and C. LaserTune's wide tuning range, flexible tuning, and superb beam quality make it ideal for high performance laboratory applications, and its compact size allows for easy integration into any system or instrument.

    Additional Features:

    • Narrow stable linewidths
    • Fully integrated system
    • Easy to operate
    • Made in USA

    Key Benefits & Advantages

    • Industry-leading wide tuning range 4 or 5 micron
    • Fully integrated single-box solution
    • Pulses from ~50-500 nsec
    • Repetition rate up to ~1MHz
    • Internal or external triggering
    • Flexible socket programming
    • Rapid tuning
    • Excellent spectral resolution and beam quality
    • 2 x 4 mm collimated, vertically polarized beam
    • Narrow stable linewidths
    • Easy to operate