QuatBox Spectrometer

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US $ 21,995.00

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    Terms and Conditions
    Lead time 6-8 weeks, built to order 

    • Corrosion resistant, waterproof exterior
    • Solid state reference standards
    • Ruggedized electronics and optical bench
    • Operates on 12V or 110V power

    Introducing the world’s first compact fluorescence spectrometer that gives laboratory quality data right at your work site! The hardened Wilson spectrometers are available with a range of uv or visible excitation wavelengths to suit your analytical needs. Custom fabricated by Wilson Analytical’s Electronics Group, our intense, optically stabilized LED excitation sources are modular and readily interchangeable by the user. Currently available in 360nm, 406nm, 460nm, and 525nm. Originally designed to survive and operate in an oilfield environment, these tough, compact spectrometers are ideal for applications such as:

    • The measurement of fluorescent dyes such as Rhodamine WT, Uranine, or Fluorescein)
    • Tracing water leakage into mines
    • Tracing tailings leaks in the environment
    • Determining the flow and interconnection of surface and underground waters
    • Quantifying the level of fluorescent chemicals or impurities in process fluids

    LightPilot is the custom-designed software that drives the QuatBox, generating calibration curves and sample data with the minimum of training and fuss. LightPilot has a simple structure: calibrate, measure or review data. In each mode the user is guided through the acquisition process. No specific training in analytical chemistry is required. LightPilot automatically stores GPS locators and date & time stamps with each data set. There are no license fees for LightPilot, and the software can be distributed as desired. 


    Additional Features:

    • Easy to clean sample chamber
    • Fast, accurate and reliable
    • Easy to use and maintain
    • Field proven durability
    • GPS enabled
    • Temperature-controlled sample environment