Respiratory Ventilators ICU V500

This product is no longer available.

  • Combine fully-featured

  • High-performance ventilation

  • lnfinity® Acute Care System™ integration to meet the challenges of today's health care environment.

This product is not approved by Health Canada

Tools for your ventilation therapy :

  • Lung diagnostic tools like the Low Flow maneuver (inflection points)

  • Breath by breath recruitment trends (e.g. PEEP, EIP, VT, Cdyn)

  • Recruitment tools (e.g. Inspiration Hold, QuickSet, Pressurelink)

  • PC-APRV with AutoRelease Volumetric CO2-Monitoring (VCO2, VTCO2, Slope Phase 3, Vds/VTe)

  • Weaning parameter (e.g. RSBi, P0.1, NIF)

  • Automatic weaning with SmartCare/PS®

Tools for your ventilation therapy Il :

  • Variable Pressure Support, Proportional Pressure Support,

  • Automatic Tube Compensation Graphical representation of airway resistance and lung compliance with Smart Pulmonary View

  • "Room-to-breathe" concept (AutoFlow®, BIPAP, VG)

  • Applicable for neonatal ventilation (smallest tidal volume: 2 ml)

Functions to support your workflow :

  • Non-invasive ventilation in all modes and all patient categories

  • O2-Therapy allows the flow of constant oxygen application

  • Flexible screen configuration: 6 different views for each patient related to the individual therapy

  • A full record of all patient data, alarms, and trends

  • Data export via USB interface

  • Context-sensitive help function and online Instruction For Use for ventilation modes, alarms, and device functions

  • RFID functionality e.g. to monitor exchange intervals and to transport ventilation settings