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RGB Lasers - White Beam Output (635/532/473 nm) - 100 mW to 5000 mW output

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  • Red (635 nm), Green (532 nm), Blue (473 nm) mixed wavelength laser
  • Powers from 100 mW to 5000 mW
  • Laser systems starting from US$2975
  • Very useful for laser project applications


Specifications Model SL-RGB-S1-XXX Output Power @ 25 ℃ >3000mW(635nm red>1500mw, 532nm green>1000mw,473nm>1000mw) >2000mW(635nm red>900mw, 532nm green>500mw,473nm>700mw) >1000mW(635nm red>500mw, 532nm green>300mw,473nm>350mw) >500mW(635nm red>220mw, 532nm green>130mw,473nm>180mw) >400mW(635nm red>200mw, 532nm green>100mw,473nm>130mw) >300mW(635nm red>130mw, 532nm green>75mw,473nm>100mw) >200mW(635nm red>100mw, 532nm green>50mw,473nm>65mw) >100mW(635nm red>42.5mw, 532nm green>25mw,473nm>32.5mw) Wavelength Red at 635nm, Green at 532nm,Blue at 473nm Operation Mode CW,TE00/TEM00/TEM00 Warm-up time (minutes) 10000 hours Warranty time one year