Sapphire Glass Laser Cutting System; Model ASP-Sapphire-201

This product is no longer available.

  • Two Available Solutions: Semi-total and Total Solutions
  • MOPAW Picosecond Fiber Laser
  • Auto-Focus
  • X-Y-Z Full station for glass size of a 5.5 gen 1300x1500mm (optional  4.5gen glass substrate of 730 x 920mm)​

Allied Scientific Pro offers a new generation of laser cutting system to cut sapphire glass. The system is built for smartphone, TV, tablet and computer screen. For the 5.5gen glass or 4.5gen glass.

In general, the laser glass cutting has the following advantages over the mechanical cutting:

1. High precision, better cut edge quality without or reduced burr or dust/particle formation

2. NO micro-cracks, no chipping

3. Glass edges have a high resistance to breakage

4. Glass edges virtually achieve optical quality

5. No tool wearing due to non-contact material processing

6. Cutting of extremely fine contours and complex shapes

7. No post-processing (such as washing, grinding and polishing...)

8. NO loss of material


Two solutions are available:

1-Semi-total solution 

  • Long lifetime Picosecond Fiber Laser system
  • Laser cutting parameters (recipe)
  • Auto-focusing system including Z stage on the fly 5 KHz sampling
  • Installation onto your X-Y station
  • Laser speed adjusted to your stages speed
  • Local service in Asia


2- Total solution

  • Long lifetime Picosecond Fiber Laser system
  • Laser cutting parameters (recipe)
  • Auto-focusing system including Z stage on the fly 5 KHz sampling
  • Full station with X-Y stage station and glass loading
  • Fast speed translation stages up to 2500mm per second X-Y
  • Local service in Asia

Allows for straight cut and round cut for Sapphire Glass 0.55mm or 0.3mm or other type of glass thickness.



Auto Focus System is a motorized vision stage control system designed for fast and accurate focusing of products for image proces-sing and other vision applications. The entire system is integrated and supplied after testing for plug-and-play use by the end customer. The System is integrated with through-the-lens measurement and non-contact optical sensor for dynamic focusing, Stepper motors for precision control, Microscopic Objective lenses for high resolution and the system incorporates a user inter-face application for ease of use for the end-user. The features of the stage are summarized below

  • Speed and accuracy are adjustable depending on the application;
  • System customization with different parts for the specified application
  • System interface provides options and control for the user.


Optical sensor for transparant substrate

The new  sensor has been especially designed to meet fast Auto-focus application requirements for Microscopes and AOI systems using infinite and finite conjugated objectives. The sensor continuously measures the distance to the best focus position regardless whether the system stationary or in motion. This enables a dynamic focusing on the moving target. TTL-Technology projects a laser line offset free exactly in the center of the Field of View as the sensor shares the optical path of the vision system. The sensor can be operated as an ultra fast, sub-micron accurate AutoFocus an almost all types of surfaces like reflective, matte, transparent or patterned. The Auto-focus block integrates a motorized z-focus stage with the TTL Optical System. The block helps in translating the encoder resolution of the motor to a very high resolution micro-step of the stage. The stage is designed for assembly with the optical system.

X-Y-Z Full station for glass size of a 5.5 gen 1300x1500mm

(optional  4.5gen glass substrate of 730 x 920mm)

  • X-Y-Z  stage for 5.5g and 4.5g
  • Vacuum flat table bed to hold glass sheet
  • Stage speed up to 1000mm per second
  • Loading sensors
  • Computer control
  • Automatic mapping
  • Temperature control
  • Loading Robot available

Sapphire Glass Laser Cutting System; Model ASP-Sapphire-201
Travel range +/- 25mm
Speed Z stage 3000 RPM
Resolution 0.1 μm per half step
Mechanism 1 mm grinding screw feed
Straightness 20 μm/50mm
Load capacity 10 kg
Material Black anodized aluminum
Other specifications
  • Near diffraction-limited beam quality
  • Multiwatt average power
  • Wavelength: 1064.3nm ± 0.3
  • Pulse duration in the picosecond
  • Beam pointing stability, 20 minutes/24 hours: <20microrad
  • M square: <1.1
  • Spectral bandwidth, FWHM:< 0.5 nm
  • Pulse energy stability, 3σ value over 10 000 pulses:< ± 2%
  • Very high stability
  • Polarized output
  • Photo darkening resistant, large mode area fiber technology
  • Output optical isolator
  • Air cooling
  • Warm-up time <30
  • Total weight 39 lbs
  • Lifetime expected 20000 hours
  • Low maintenance
  • Compact
  • 355nm also available for drilling holes