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Shenzhen Yamind Ventilator DM28

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    • Pneumology Neurosurgery,

    • Neurology

    • Sleep clinics,

    • Chest Pain Center etc.

    This product is not approved by Health Canada

        The first one adopted the interactive design solution to visualize treatment data and to enhance operating experience. In addition, with upgraded algorism, treatment experience and patienct compliance are highly improved.


    Pneumology Neurosurgery, Neurology, Sleep clinics, Chest Pain Center etc.

      Technical Specification                                                                                                                    
     Type of ventilationType                                      Bi-level Continuous Positive Airway Pressure
    Usage scenario
    Hospital or home
    Adult weigh over 30kg, suffering from OSAHS or COPD
     Screen5.0" LED display; Touch control
     Therapa ModeSCPAPS/TT
     Pressure range2-30cmH2Opressure increment 0.2cmH2O
     Single fault≤40cmH2O
    PressureStatic pressure deviation
    Static pressure stability
     Pressure display accuracy±2% full scale+ 4% actual reading
     Pressure setcmH2O29,617,225
    Max flow volumeOutput pressure
     Output pressure average
    SpecificationInspiratory pressure (
    Expiratory pressure
    Start pressure2cmH2O- EPAP
    inhalation time0.515s
    delayed pressure0-60min
    Inspiratory sensitivity1-5 level
    Expiratory sensitivity1-5 level
    Exhalation release1-3 level
    Inspiration rate1-3 level
    Exspiration rate1-3 level
    Target tidal volume100-2000ml
    Humidification1-6 level ( ≦ 70 )
    Auxiliary functionPressure & P95 real-time curves,  AVAPS control ( 100 - 2000 ml), automatic leakage compensation, altitude compensation, auto-start , accessories replacement reminder, data storage, auto pressure titration, events monitor
    ( AHI),
     Parameter  moniteredInspiration and expiration ratio, air leakage volume, respiration rate, tidal volume, munite ventilation, real-time inspiratory/expiratory pressure, AHI, P95, treatment mode, usage time, etc.
    ReminderPower failureair leakage, humidifying temperature high, high leakage, lid or tubbing of humidifier fall off, high pressure, SD card error, low tidal volume, low munite ventilation 、 high inspiration pressure, low expiration pressure, high or low respiration rate, etc.
     AccessoriesMicro SD cardStandard4G storage
    MaskFM1A type face mask
     Humidity output≥10mgH2O/L