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Spectral Light Meter SRI-4000UVC (200nm to 430nm)

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    The SRI-4000UVC is perfectly suited for the testing of UV LEDs in

    industrial applications. Its CCD detector integrates an PTFE sphere and

    dark current calibration. The SRI-4000UVC spectroradiometer has a

    diffusor window and can be used to measure the UV irradiance, inkling

    spectrum and peak wavelength, dominate wavelength, and UV PFD.

    Five Advantages :

    ● Using PTFE integrating sphere as light entrance port, consist

     perfect cosine effect at different angel.

    ● Unique long focal length, high precision UV spectrometer detector.

    ● Fast Booting level, can perform instant measurement, no

     unnecessary action, measurement result is real time display.

    ● Absolute calibration of the absolute irradiance down to 200nm.

    ● Every device is delivered with calibration certificate.