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T68X High Power LED Tester

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    • T68X spectrometer is a state of the art testing system for measuring high power LEDs/modules with two leads.
    • With up to 5A/48V driving and measuring range, the T68X can measure general and high power LEDs or modules.
    • Perfect for LED QC Lab or R&D Lab
    • Competitive price

    With CYT’s unique development and integration capability, T68X is a state of the art testing system for measuring high power LED/module with two leads. Up to 5A/48V driving and measuring range, T68X can cover general high power LED or module measurement in the near future. Designed with advanced microprocessor, A/D converter, spectrometer and high power driving and measuring modules, T68X performs high measuring efficiency of optical and electrical characteristics of high power LED/module. With its high repeatability, extensive test range and open architecture, T68X is suitable to integrate with handler for high power LED/module production or quality control. As the demand of high power LED/module application keeps increasing, such a cost-effective measurement solution like T68X must satisfy your intent to win competitive advantages. 


    Additional Features:

    • Comprehensive optical and electrical tests: Include Iv(mcd), Lv(lumen), x, y, λD, λp, Pe, CCT, CRI, FWHM, Vf, Vr, Ir, Vf,  △THY…etc