THz System for THz Spectroscopy,detection and inspection of materials

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Terms and Conditions
Lead time 6-8 weeks, built to order 

  • Turn-key operation
  • All solid state
  • Maintenance free
  • Software package and database for the identification of dangerous materials

TeraSys 4000:

Specification TeraSys 4000
Frequency range 0.3-4 THz
Output power >50nW
Spectral resolution <0.01THz
Polarization: linear >100:1 vertical
Input Voltage 110V or 230V, 50 or 60 Hz
Power consumption <60 W
Warm-up time 15min
Operating ambient temperature 18 degree C to 30 degree C
Dimensions 40x25x18 cm^3
  • Security
    • Explosives detection
    • Bio agents
    • Mail inspection
  • Materials inspection
    • Defects in plastics, artificial joints
    • Organic materials
  • Spectroscopy
    • Identification of pharmaceuticals, drugs etc.