USB 3.0 Global Shutter CMOS Camera ASP-Glo-USB3-1.3MP

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US $ 595.00

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    Terms and Conditions
    Lead time 6-8 weeks, built to order 

    • 3 units in stock next day delivery
    • E2V sensor EV76C560
    • 1.3 megapixel
    • 60 frames / sec at full frame

    Additional Features

    • New USB3.0
    • Global shutter avoid blur during fast motion of objects
    • Compatible with strobe lighting
    • Fast frame rate even in trigging mode
    • 2-3 days if stock allows if not 2-3 weeks
    • high speed industrial camera

    Product details:
    Model ASP-Glo-USB3-1.3MP
    Photosensitive element CMOS
    Color or B&W B & W or color
    Readout mode Progressive
    Shutter Type Global exposure
    Effective Pixels 1300000
    Size of board 1/1.8 inch
    Pixel size 5.3x5.3 micron
    Resolution and frame rate 1280x1024 @ 60 frames / sec
    1280x1024 skip2&BIN 124fps (640x512)
    1280x1024 skip4&BIN 239fps (320x256)
    1024x768 ROI 84fps
    800x600 ROI 106fps
    640x480 ROI 132fps
    ADC accuracy On-chip 10-bit
    Signal-to-noise ratio 41dB
    Dynamic range 66dB
    Transmission interface The ultra-high-speed USB3.0 interface bandwidth to 5Gb / s, the actual transfer rate 3.2Gb / s
    Power supply The USB3.0 supply or an external power supply, 300 ~ 500mA @ 5V
    Frame buffer 32M Bytes
    Input and output An opto-isolated external trigger input, an output optocoupler isolation flash
    Basic functions Image preview, image acquisition (bmp, jpg, tiff), video (compressor optional)
    Programmable control Field of AOI AOI, acquisition of the preview field of view, SKIP / Binning mode (2x, 4x), contrast, brightness, saturation, Gamma value, color gain, exposure, dead pixel removal
    White Balance Automatic / manual control
    Exposure Automatic / manual control
    Image format Support 8-Bit, 24 Bit 32 The the bit image preview collected;, black and white 16, color 48 tiff format image capture (12 bits per pixel)
    Standard Support ActiveX, Twain, DirectShow, VFW
    System support Win2000/Winxp/Vista/Win7/Win8 Operating system
    SDK development package Support the development language VC, VB, C #, DELPHI, LABVIEW, OPENCV
    Lens Mount C interface
    Operating Temperature 0 ℃ to 60 ℃
    Storage temperature -30 ℃ to 60 ℃
    Dimensions 29mm X 29mm X 30.5mm? (Excluding up lap part)
    Camera weight Machine 35g (aluminum housing)
    Product Warranty 1 year
    Attachment Color camera standard infrared filter (black-and-white camera not included), 2 m the dedicated USB3.0 fixed cable secondary development of software CD-ROM

    See E2V Global shutter sensor specfication;