Nirvascan Spectro-Photometer and Its Applications

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Free Webinar - Nirvascan Spectro-Photometer and Its Applications with Dr. Rez Mani

Host: Rez Mani did a M.Eng in Engineering Physics focused on optical properties of semiconductors from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. This followed by a PhD in Earth and Space Science focused on satellite optical instrumentation from York University in Toronto, Ontario. He has over 25 years of experience in Photonics and Spectroscopy. He has also worked for ASP Laser Inc. as an application scientist since 2017.

Tuesday, September 26th at 1:00PM-2:00PM Eastern Time (13:00PM-14:00PM)

Webinar Description: The webinar begins by explaining the fundamental differences between the near IR and mid-IR spectroscopy methods. The fundamental absorption bands exist in the mid-IR region, however overtones which are weaker can be found in the near IR region. Mid-IR instruments such as FTIR are expensive and bulky. Several industries are now turning to near IR spectroscopy for quality control since it is a fast and inexpensive method which uses light-weight portable spectrometers. NIR can be used to find the ingredients of food such as sugar, protein, moisture and fat, find ingredients of drugs, sort plastics for recycling, detect influenza virus in nasal fluid, detect Zika virus in mosquitoes, find polyester content of fabrics, and many other applications. Instead of using an array detector which is more expensive, a new method called Digital Light Processing (DLP) uses micro-mirrors to shine different parts of the spectrum one after another onto a single element detector and builds the spectrum. The technology and its applications are very promising. Usages of chemometrics methods such as Partial Least Square (PLS) to make quantitative predictions and Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA) for sorting  are also discussed.

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26 septembre 2023
13 h 00 14 h 00 America/Toronto

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