ASP-HiSpec 4 Camera

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Conditions générales
Lead time 6-8 weeks, built to order 

  • 1696 x 1710 resolution CMOS sensor
  • 523 frames per second at full resolution
  • 1216 x 1216 resolution at 1,000 frames per second
  • Frame rates in excess of 200,000 at reduced resolution

Outstanding image quality and up to 523 full frames per second at 1696 x 1710 pixel resolution. The ASP-HiSpec 4 is GiGE compatible for easy remote camera control and allows users to operate multiple cameras from any standard Notebook / PC over a distance of 100 meters.

The ASP-HiSpec 4 is a perfect fit for a wide variety of high-speed motion applications with the capacity to capture megapixel images at more than 1,400 fps. At reduced resolutions, images can be captured at up to 298,000 fps.

The ImageBLITZ® Auto Trigger makes it easy to catch random events. In the field of view, users specify a "region of interest" and the software takes over. Any change in the pre-set area will stop the recording and save the images in memory.

These easy-to-use features make the ASP-HiSpec 4 a valuable tool in any lab, production line or manufacturing environment. Hi-"G" and IRIG timing are available as options.  


Additional Features

  • Compact Size - 63mm H x 63mm W x 65mm D and .28 kg

SYSTEM DESIGN   Scaleable and network-compatible with standard and/or notebook PC's.  Synchronous processing of multiple cameras
SENSOR   CMOS sensor, 1696 x 1710 pixels, 8-bit monochrome or RGB color with Bayer filter.  Active pixel area 19.27 diagonal
PIXEL SIZE   8µm x 8µm
LIGHT SENSITIVITY   1,600 ISO monochrome, 1,000 ISO color
RECORDING RATE   Up to 523 fps at full resolution, up to 298,851 at reduced resolution
MEMORY   2GB. Optional upgrade to 4GB
SHUTTER   Global electronic shutter from 2µsec to 1 second in 2µsec steps
LENS MOUNT   C-Mount or F-Mount
FILE FORMAT   BMP, TIF, DNG, JPG or AVI file format
CAMERA/PC INTERFACE   1000/100 Ethernet interface (Gigabit Etherenet)
PHASE LOCK   Multiple cameras can be synchronized to a master camera or to an external source
TRIGGER   Contact closure, external TTl signal or software trigegr with optional ImageBLITZ® Auto Trigger
CONTROL SOFTWARE   HiSpec Director 2 application for Win 7/Vista/XP
MULTI-SEQUENCE RECORD MODE   2, 4, 8 or 16 individual recording partitions (optional)
CAMERA SIZE   63mm H x 63mm W x 65mm D with C-Mount.  63mm H x 63mm W x 92.5mm D with F-Mount
OPERATING ENVIRONMENT   +5°C to +35°C (to +45°C with cooling option)
POWER SUPPLY   10 - 30V DC external power supply

ROI and Resolution table

2GB Standard
4GB Option
Maximum Frame Rate Resolution
Recording Time @ Maximum Frame Rate Total Frames
Recording Time @Maximum Frame Rate Total Frames
523 fps 1696 x 1710
1.4 sec. 743
 2.8 sec.  1,480
1,150 fps 1280 x 1024
1.4 sec. 1,633
 2.8 sec.  3,277
1,633 fps 1280 x 720
1.4 sec. 2,335
 2.8 sec. 4,654
1,405 fps 1024 x 1024
1.6 sec. 2,051
 2.9 sec.  4,075
4,453 fps 640 x 480
1.6 sec. 6,991
 3.1 sec. 13,982
5,001 fps 512 x 512
1.6 sec. 8,202
3.3 sec.  16,403
14,781 fps 320 x 240
1.9 sec. 27,693
 3.8 sec.  55,872
298,851 fps 128 x 2
28.1 8,388,746
56.1 sec.  16,777,495