LaserBench QCL Spectrometer Compatible with FTIR Accessories

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Lead time 6-8 weeks, built to order 

  • High performance Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) mid-IR spectrometer
  • Spectral range: LaserBench 610 ~1600 cm-1 to 1000 cm-1; LaserBench 712 ~1430 cm-1 to 830 cm-1
  • Spectral resolution software selectable; 1, 2, 4 and 8 cm-1
  • Large purgeable sample compartment

LaserBench™ is a bench-top infrared laser spectrometer for laboratory use that is capable of accepting standard FTIR sample handling accessories. The heart of the instrument is Block Engineering's widely tunable quantum cascade laser (QCL) spectral engine, capable of providing a continuous spectrum in the heart of the infrared fingerprint region. Current choices of spectral ranges are from ~1600 cm-1 to 1000 cm-1 (LaserBench 610) and ~1430 cm-1 to 830 cm-1 (LaserBench 712). The laser provides a high intensity collimated beam in the sample compartment that provides the benefits normally associated with a laser light source. LaserBench is compatible with standard commercial FTIR accessories, and the sample compartment cover is removable for larger accessories such certain extended specular reflection devices, diamond ATRs with an external sampling platforms, and long path gas cells. The internal optics are sealed and desiccated, with windows mounted within the sampling area. A purge line is provided to the sample compartment for experiments that require removable of water vapor. Carbon dioxide is not a problem because its absorptions are currently outside of the operating range of the instrument. The spectrometer is controlled from a Windows user interface on a standard PC via a standard USB communications interface (no special interface boards are required). Status lights for the laser and instrument are readily visible at the front of the sample compartment, and a remote start/scan button is provided for those with the requirement to initiate the scan away from the computer. Spectra are displayed as acquired, and the final results are stored in standard data formats (.CSV and .SPC).

Additional Features:

  • Collimated high intensity infrared laser source for energy limited measurements
  • Accepts standard FTIR accessories, no need to purchase a second set
  • High throughput and easy alignment (visible laser aided) for microsamples
  • Small overall footprint comparable to latest FTIR instruments
  • Survey spectral scan in seconds
  • Infrared laser is eye-safe — no special precautions required (This applies to normal operation. Care must be taken, however, if an accessory generates a focused exposed beam.)
  • Large sample accessories can be accommodated in the bench and with external beam
  • No special services necessary, other than a purge line if required
  • Integrated MCT detector operates without the need for liquid nitrogen
  • Polarized beam for sample orientation studies
  • Compact bench with sealed and desiccated internal optics
  • Accepts standard center-focus FTIR accessories (side focus optional)
  • Beam configuration at center location; 2 x 4mm, collimated
  • Collinear visible laser at sample location for accurate sample placement
  • Removable sample compartment lid, with center sample access when closed
  • Status lights (power and laser on) and scan button on front by sample compartment
  • Rapid scan capability with full range spectra (600 cm-1 width) available in seconds
  • Windows XP acquisition software with spectrum storage in .CSV or Grams .SPC (Need to ensure software runs with Windows 7, Professional and support 64bit)
  • Side external accessory port for large or specialized measurements; collimated output
  • Integrated thermo-electrically cooled MCT detector; no liquid nitrogen required