MicroFinish Topographer MFT Surface Roughness of small and large Optics

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Lead time 6-8 weeks, built to order 

  • Cost-Effective Surface Roughness Measurement
  • Simple Large Optic Measurement
  • Rapid Small Optics Inspection
  • Immediate Finish Feedback

Cost-Effective Surface Roughness Measurement

The MFT MicroFinish Topographer is a simple, low cost system for measuring surface roughness on small, large and very large optics. This precision phase measuring interferometer, complete with industry leading 4Sight™ data analysis software from 4D Technology, offers a combination of simplicity, analysis power and ease of use that is simply not available in a stylus profiler or workstation optical profiler.

Simple Large Optic Measurement

In the standard, down-looking configuration, the MFT lets you directly measure any location on a large optic’s surface, rather than using messy replication methods that can lead to contamination. Because it is directly coupled to the optic, no vibration isolation is required. Three nylon support balls gently contact the surface, and simple tip/tilt and focus controls help you quickly obtain high contrast fringes. Once the controls are set, you can move the MFT around the optic surface without readjusting, for easy, rapid and comprehensive roughness measurement.

Rapid Small Optics Inspection

The MFT’s optional look-up configuration lets you place small optics (up to 150 mm diameter) directly on the stage. Set the tip/tilt and focus once for a particular type of optic, then rapidly measure similar optics fo Ease of use is assured by design. Place small optics (up to 100 mm diameter) on the MFT’s stage, or place the MFT on the surface to be measured. Three nylon support balls gently contact the surface. Simple tip/tilt and focus controls adjust the instrument for high contrast fringes. The next time you place the MFT on the surface it is ready to measure again, without adjustment. No other surface profiler has this measurement and analysis power combined with ease of use.

Immediate Finish Feedback

The MFT can be mounted on a diamond turning machine for fast surface roughness feedback— without vibration isolation. By eliminating the need for re-fixturing, the MFT greatly improves productivity while also protecting critical optics from handling damage. The MicroFinish Topographer is a complete system, with computer, software and fixturing for accurate, flexible, inexpensive surface roughness measurement.