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Illuminance Spectrophotometer SRI-2000-VIS-NIR (350-950 nm)

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US $ 3,995.00

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    • Illuminance Spectrophotometer
    • Irradiance Meter
    • Spectral range 350nm - 950nm (VIS-NIR)
    • Versatile, Compact, Portable, Handheld

           Product Features

    • Fast booting level, can perform instant measurement,

    • No unnecessary action, measurement result is real time display.

    • Using integrating sphere as light entrance port, consist perfect cosine effect at different angle

    • Unique long focal length, high precision spectrometer for measurement

    • Connect to PC to transfer and remote operation control

    • Measurement result is real time display.

    • Simple operation with accurate measurement,R1-R15 measurement are clearly shown

    • A wide range of Illuminance, up to 10lx illumination can be measured

    • Wavelength increment 0.5 nm, FWHM Resolution 6.0 nm

    • Save up to 500000 files.

    • Connect to PC to export the data by USB

    • Can be output as Excel file.

    • Formal report output. 


    Measuring Capabilities

    • Illuminance(lx) 

    • Spectral Irradiance

    • Chromaticity Coordinates(x,y)

    • Correlated Color Temperature(CCT)

    • Color Rendering Index; Ra(CRI)

    • Dominant Wavelength(λd)

    • Peak Wavelength(λp)

    • Purity

    • SDCM of ANSI standard

    • CIE-1931(x,y)

    • CIE-1976(u’,v’)

    • Binning