Our Enablers: Lasers, Photonic Devices, NDT Sensors, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence with Data Analytics

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Energy & Infrastructure

We deploy our technologies to remove lead paint, nuclear contaminants, detecting corrosion:

  • Hydro-Electricity (Dam, Transformer, Tower)

  • Nuclear Plants

  • Oil & Gas Industries

  • Building Restoration and Conservation

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Manufacturing & MRO

We deploy our laser systems, robotics and NDT technologies at the service of these submarkets:

  • Automobile remanufacturing 

  • Aerospace

  • Space

  • Shipbuilding

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Research and Defense

Providing components or custom build systems integrating: optics, laser system, and smart sensors:

  • Industrial Lighting 

  • Medical devices

  • Food Processing & Agricultural

  • Defense Imaging System

Some of our valued clients

Our enablers value proposition

Collaborative Robot

Free the potential of your employees, optimize your human resources in your facility, create jobs of tomorrow, be more competitive. Visit our business unit cobotraas.com

Photonics Devices

Usage of photons enables you to image the invisible, to reach the matter remotely, detect an event, to identify the unknown.  

Artificial Intelligence

AI and Machine Learning (ML) enable the full potential of your data provided by sensors, images, or database. Discover trends, optimize processes, and more.

Laser Processing

Non-contact process induced by laser beam enables greener solution, fast process, lower power consumption, and usage of robotics.

Corrosion NDT Detection

Protect your assets by continuous online NDT monitoring of corrosion, improve your quality control, see the corrosion under the insulation layer in 2D.

Smart Light Sensors

Reach the field with our portable sensors, extent your senses by the diagnosis of the light, detect and identify chemicals by analysis of the spectrum.

Meet the Executive Team

Company team

Steeve Lavoie, Founder & CEO

Founder and creative mind, citizen and entrepreneur of the world, Steeve has 22 years of experience in the photonics field. Has an extensive network of relationships in America, Europe, and Asia. Promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. Capable to identify market opportunities and trends. Great customer listening skills, very customer-centric.  Always ready for complex challenges.

Company team

 Jollyveau Tessa, CFO

Oversees corporate governance and financial planning, Jollyveau has over 20 years of experience in Management and Administration, Internal and External Auditing, Accounting and Finance, Procurement and Inventory, and Odoo Software.

Company team

Les Kacev, Sales Manager

Les has a strong experience in Sale of UV and VIS handheld spectrometers as well as in Spectral Design and Business Strategy and Pricing Policy. Advocate of human centric lighting, UV Germicide consultant and specialist in quality of light, color and its measurement. Often present at national lighting workshops and conferences for presentations. He has served as COO and CFO for private and public companies in the United States and abroad.

Company team

Mohamed Abouseif, R&D Manager

Mohamed has over 20 years of experience in the photonics field with an extensive scientific publishing record. He holds a Ph.D. in photonics, Master of Engineering Management, and is entitled to practice as P. Eng. Mohamed is responsible for ASP's technologies' long-term vision by acting as the overall architect for ASP's products and bridging the gap between customers' requirements and ASP  product direction.

Meet the team

Meet our dedicated team, our Ph.D.'s, Scientists, Engineers, Technicians who are capable of complex design, genius engineering mixing our technology enablers, photonics, robotics, mechanics, electronics, various sensors, software, AI, and data analytics.

Great engineering is done by a great team – Steeve, Founder and CEO.

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