Robotic arm at work simulation - Automated paint removal Laser Cleaning System from Allied Scientific Pro.

The LaserAero-1000 can be easily automated by a robotic arm to help you successfully accomplish your laser cleaning operation with ease. The video below shows how you can efficiently clean any aviation piece. The LaserAero-1000 being automated allows for a cost-effective operation for you and your company. Not only is this method ideal for large operations, it also allows for precise accuracy while ablating your material. If your operation consists of repetitive mundane tasks, having the LaserAero-1000 controlled in robotic form helps your business with output efficiency and also increases worker safety in what sometimes could be high intensity work environments.

LaserAero-1000 Stripping Paint off of a Boeing 737 Side Panel


Laser Cleaning System - Robot Arm Meta Pice Cleaning


Robotic Arm Contolling the Laser Areo - 1000 to clean Boeing 737 Side Panel