Many would agree that laser rust removal technology is the future of metal restoration. Laser rust removal systems use high-powered lasers to eliminate rust and other impurities from metal surfaces. The laser beam ablates the rust layer, leaving the underlying metal undamaged.

Unlike traditional methods, laser rust removal is eco-friendly, cost-effective, highly precise with minimal environmental impact. It also reduces the need for manual labor and hazardous materials.

Allied Scientific Pro Laser Rust Removal Systems 

Revolutionize how you restore metal components with our cutting-edge laser rust removal technology. Using our state-of-the-art fiber laser cleaning machine, you can eliminate rust and similar impurities rapidly and with greater precision, leaving the underlying metal intact.

Say goodbye to costly traditional cleaning methods. Our laser rust removal systems provide enhanced precision and cost-effectiveness, making it the ideal choice for all your rust/paint/other coating removal needs. 

Plus, it's eco-friendly!

  • 100 Watts, 200 Watts, 500 Watts
  • Long Lifetime, Ultra-robust
  • Presets easy to use for different surfaces
  • Controllable laser beam shape


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Discover the Benefits of Allied Scientific Pro Laser Power Rust Removal

  • Choose sustainability with our zero-consumables, eco-friendly pulsed laser solutions. Our green technology complies with regulations for environmental protection, and the entire cleaning process has low energy consumption. 
  • Say goodbye to the time-consuming and expensive manual cleaning or chemical cleaning methods for individual components and metal surfaces. Our handheld laser cleaning machines significantly reduce manual labor costs.
  • Save money on maintenance with our non-contact laser method for removing rust from any metal surface. Unlike abrasive blasting, our method eliminates rust while significantly reducing maintenance expenses.
  • Enhance workplace safety with our secure laser enclosure (Class-1), so operators don't need to wear personal protective equipment (PPE). Plus, our safety measures mean operators won't need to handle hazardous materials.


Minimal Preparation Time. No Disposal Cost. No Additional Gear Needed. Efficient.


Eco-Friendly. No Chemicals. No Blast Media. Consumes Only Electricity

User friendly

No Dangerous Projectiles. Computer Controlled. No Protective Wear Required. Low Noise Operation

Understanding the Rust Removal Mechanism

Each material reacts uniquely to specific conditions. To remove rust from metals efficiently, you should consider the ablation threshold. To achieve this, you'll need to fine-tune the laser parameters and ensure that the intensity of the laser beam is higher than the ablation threshold of the rust but below that of the metal. Once rust is removed, the laser energy disperses as heat, leaving the base material unharmed.

The speed of rust removal depends on the thickness of the rust and the laser's power. Our high-power systems can eliminate mild rust at around 50 cm2/sec and thicker layers of rust at a speed of 5 cm2/sec.

Contact us to test your parts and determine the optimal solution for your project.

Laser Cleaning Use Cases

Pre-Welding Treatment

Pre-Welding Treatment

Improve the quality of welded components using our laser rust removal systems, which can selectively and quickly remove rust and dirt layers. They're also ideal for laser paint removal. This process helps reduce porosity in welding joints, leading to enhancements in tensile strength, yield strength, ductility, and fatigue resistance.

Pre-Coating Treatment

Pre-Coating Treatment with Laser Cleaning

It's best to remove all oxides and other contaminants before painting welded parts to ensure long-lasting coatings. Each ASP laser rust cleaning machine thoroughly eliminates rust from metal parts, guaranteeing superior coated components.



Choose from our extensive selection of laser cleaning products for rust removal for various applications. We also offer mobile handheld laser cleaners for on-site industrial applications.

Our lasers come in high-power and low-power options, 100, 200, or 500 watts, as detailed below:

LaserBlast™ 100

LaserBlast™ 100W Cleaning System

Ideal for building, boat and car restoration, and many other rust removal applications.

  • Versatile mobile laser system

  • Easy to use preset cleaning modes for different surfaces

  • Controllable laser beam shape

  • Long-lasting and ultra-robust construction

LaserBlast™ 200

LaserBlast™ 200W Cleaning System

Ideal for rust and coating removal, welding preparation of pipelines, and other metal surfaces.

  • Durable and built to last

  • User-friendly cleaning presets

  • Precision laser beam configuration

  • IP66 waterproof & dustproof enclosure

LaserBlast™ 500

LaserBlast™ 500W Cleaning System

Ideal for large-scale industrial corrosion treatments and cleaning various surfaces.

  • 100, 200, 500, 1000, and 2000 watts

  • Ultra-robust construction

  • Easy-to-use presets for different surfaces

  • Configurable laser beam

  • Water-cooled for continuous operation

Why Choose Allied Scientific Pro​

  • Innovative laser rust removal technology that is eco-friendly, cost-effective, and highly precise.

  • Potential savings of 40-60% lower recurring costs.

  • A team of experts dedicated to providing tailored solutions that meet your needs.

  • High-power and low-power laser systems to accommodate various applications.

  • Seamless integration for enhanced efficiency and reduced labor costs.

  • A safe and secure work environment with Class-1 laser safety enclosure.

  • 1-year product warranty on all laser rust removal machines.


One of our laser cleaning specialists will be glad to assist you further.