Research & Defense

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Lighting Industry

  • We have a great expertise in photometry, the analysis of light, deploy our smart spectrometer to diagnose the light for different application: agricultural, architectural, hospital and others.

  • We offer custom UVC light solution for building air quality improvement install in the HVAC .  

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Medical Devices

  • Long history to supply optics for sinuscope, dental loupe, and other medical devices optics.

  • We also also offer a laser stent cutting system to cut stainless steel tube.

  • We offer laser processing services

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns


  • We provide a wide range of optical components for imaging system for ground vehicle including visible range, shortwave infrared and thermal imaging. We have a long expertise  germanium optics, prims for periscope and filter to protect the operator. 

  • We make custom laser for different applications.