355nm ASP-SL UV Laser 300mW with Water Cooling

This product is no longer available.

  • Wavelength:  355nm
  • Output Power: 300mw at 100kHz
  • Operation Mode: Pulse
  • Beam Divergence: <-2

Additional Features:

  • M2 factor: <1.3


Main characteristics:

1. Laser wave length 355nm. The repetition frequency covers a wide range (single pulse to 200 kHz).

 2. DIPMOC (Direct input pump mode optimization control) technology, robust structure. 

3. Superior beam quality (M2<1.3), absolutely assured in all repetition range. 

4. ORHAC (Online refreshment for harmonic coupling) technology, long term power stability. 

5. Whole process digital intelligent power control technology,  can control lasers by RS232 external control. 

6. Industrial production process control technology, provides quality stable products.



Model ASP-SL-355nm-300mW-water cooling
Wavelength 355nm
Output average power 300mw at 100kHz
Operating Mode Pulse
Transverse Mode TEM00
Pulse width(ns) <80 at 100kHz
Pulse repetition rate(kHz) 10-200
Warm - Up time (minutes) <15
M² Factor <1.3
Beam Diameter (mm) -2.0
Beam Divergence (mrad) <1.2
Beam circularity >0.9
Pulse-pulse stability (rms) <3%
Average power instability (Over 8hours) <5%
Beam pointing stability (Urad/C) <25
Polarization ratio (Horizontal) >100:1
Operating Temp. & RH 10 to 35°C,<90%
Storage Temp. & RH -20 to 65°C,<90%
Electricity requirement (VAC) 100-240,50/60Hz Single phase
Power consumption (W) <700
Cooling Way By Water
Laser Head Dimensions (mm) 560x225x156
Power Supply Dimensions (mm) 480x169x510
Chiller dimension (mm) 385x205x312
Expected Lifetime (hours) >10000Hours
Warranty time one year


1.Laser power and other characteristics can be optimized in different repetition rates.

2.Measured at the spot 1 meter to the laser output window.

3.The temperature refers to environment temperature.