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532nm ASP-SL -DPSS Green Laser 1-50mw

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  • Wavelength:  532nm
  • Output Power: 15mw,30mw and 50mw
  • Operation Mode: CW
  • M2 factor: <1.5

Additional Features:

  •  Beam Divergence: <2.0mrad 
  •   Minimun Order Quantity: 5 units


Model ASP-SL-532nm-XXT
Wavelength 532nm(green)
Output power 15mw,30mw and 50mw
Operating Mode CW
Beam Mode TEM00
Power Stability <10% @ 2hours
Beam Divergence <2mard
Beam Diameter <1.5mm
Beam Quality(M2 factor) <1.2
Beam Roundness 95%
Laser Size (mm) 30×30×60 or Dia25mm
Operating Temperature 10℃ - 35℃
Power Supply 85-260VAC or 5VDC
Expected operating lifetime > 10000 hours
Modulation TTL / Analog Modulation
Warranty Time One year