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ASP- Argon Laser: Stellar-Pro-L Select 300

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    US $ 15,960.00

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    • Selectable Argon Wavelengths: 457.9nm, 488nm, 514.5nm and Multi-Line
    • Beam Diameter: 1/e^2 0.75mm
    • Dimensions: (LxWxH – inches) 19.2" x 7.6" x 5.4"
    • Weight (lbs/Kg): 22lbs / 10Kg

    With its hard-sealed laser tube, state-of-the-art power supply and filter wheel module all combined into a single package, the Stellar-Pro-L Select 300 laser brings size, performance and function together to form an extraordinary laser system.

     The unique design of this laser provides the ultimate in laser flexibility by allowing the user to manually select four different wavelength options.

     It's like having "4 Lasers in One"! 


    Technical Specifications:

    ASP-Stellar-Pro-L Select 300  
    Selectable Argon Wavelengths 457.9nm, 488nm, 514.5nm and Multi-Line
    Maximum Output Power 16mW @ 457.9nm, 80mW @ 488nm, 100mW @ 514.5nm and 300mW Multi-Line
    Beam Diameter 1/e^2 0.75mm
    Beam Divergence 0.95mrad
    Beam Pointing Stability <30urad
    Output Power Drift (after warm-up) < +/- 1%
    Beam Amplitude Noise < 1% RMS
    Polarization Ratio > 250:1
    Warm-up Time 10 Minutes
    Line Voltage 200VAC - 265VAC (Universal)
    Line Frequency 50Hz – 60Hz
    Power Consumption < 3000 Watts
    Dimensions (LxWxH – inches) 19.2" x 7.6" x 5.4"
    Weight (lbs/Kg) 22lbs / 10Kg