Integrating Sphere 100mm (3.94in) Diameter

This product is no longer available.

Terms and Conditions
Lead time 6-8 weeks, built to order 

  • High purity BaSO4 ensures no color variation over time 
  • Compact and light
  • Custom port available no extra cost 
  • Ideal for Measuring Light Sources
  • Can be Upgraded to Calibrate Sensors and Test Lenses
  • Designed for Simple System Integration
  • NIST traceable or ANSI/NEMA

General Purpose Integrating Sphere Systems are designed to spatially integrate radiant flux in order to measure optical radiation. The spheres can be coupled with a sensor to create radiometers, photometers, or spectroradiometers in order to measure the total geometric flux emanating from a light source or the flux density of an illuminated area. Additionally, these sphere systems can be used to measure the output of high power lasers and laser diodes or to measure the reflectance and transmittance of materials.

A variety of accessories are available for modifying or upgrading the performance of the systems, including port plugs, port reducers, and uniform source lamps. Uniform source lamps are ideal for many irradiance applications, such as characterizing the responsivity, linearity, photo response non-uniformity, and dynamic range of focal-plan arrays. Additionally, these sources can be used for evenly illuminating test targets for evaluating the CTF of optical systems or imaging lenses, and for measuring cosine4irradiance falloff or other variations in irradiance within optical systems caused by optical aberrations.

Calibration Available for:

LED Sourced SystemsSolid State LightingLarge-Area LED Display Back LightingGeneral LightingAutomotive LightingArchitectural Lighting

The typical turnkey system includes all the components you need including:
  • AC/DC power sources
  • Computer with full photometric software that controls power sources and spectrometer
  • Fiber optic
  • Spectrometer
  • Calibration lamps
  • A software package (English)

Spec Sheet

Internal Diameter (mm)100
External Diameter (mm)120
Number of Ports2 or 3
Import Port Dimension (mm)14 to 30
Detector Dimension (mm)14
Standard LampNo
Auxiliary LampNo
Shell MaterialAluminum or Carbon Fiber