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ASP-L405 Luminescence analyzer & spectrometer

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    • High resolution
    • Superior sensitivity
    • Application: Fuel quality control
    • Food and beverage control

    Luminescence analyzer & spectrometer: ASP-L405

    The ASP-L405 utilizes a 30 µm entrance slit, 1200 g/mm grating, and set of high pass, low pass, and dichroic filters. The luminescence is excited with a 150 mW semiconductor laser at 405 nm to provide single shot luminescence spectrum in the spectral range from 450nm to 770nm.The ASP-L405 comes with a low-noise 3648-element linear-array CCD detector operating at room temperature and a state of the art system for suppressing the Rayleigh scattering signal and the direct laser light. The ASP-L405 has an on-board programmable micro-controller that provides flexibility in controlling the spectrometer and accessories. The ASP-L405 Spectrometer operates the Express edition software and does not contain all the library features of the ASP-L405 Analyzer. The ASP-L405 Analyzer comes with Pro edition software that contains thousands of molecular fingerprints for quick and reliable results.
    • Gemology
    • Chemical Processes
    • Medicine analysis
    • Fuel quality control
    • Food and beverage control
    ASP-L405 Specifications
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    Device Models:


    Luminescence Spectrometer (Express)
    Luminescence Analyzer (Pro) and products identification library
    Further applications include biotech, solar and semiconductors and environmental analysis.

    Luminescence analyzer      
    Lasers   Spectrometer
    Laser Wavelength 405 nm   Luminescence Spectral Range 450-770nm
    Output Laser Power 10–15 mW   Spectral Resolution 0.45–0.6 nm
        Reduction of 405nm light 80 dB
        Spectral resolution 7 - 22 cm-1
        with 30 µm wide slit
    Detector   Optical Bench
    Detector Type Toshiba TCD1304DG linear       CCD array   Focal length 60 mm
    Pixel Number 3648   Entrance aperture 30 µm wide slit
    Pixel Size 8μm x 200μm   Grating 1200 g/mm
    Dark current 630 e/pixel/s   holographic grating
    Readout noise 30 e rms    
    Dynamic Range 2100    
    Integration Time 10ms - 500000ms    
    Electronics   Physical
    Computer Interface USB 2.0, Bluetooth   Dimensions 230mm x 146mm x 55mm
          Weight 1500g