ASP-WN104TM13M ±6.5mm Travel Side Aluminium Alloy Linear Stages

This product is no longer available.

Terms and Conditions
Lead time 6-8 weeks, built to order 

  • Translation Stage ±6.5mm travel
  • 10μm resolution
  • 60×60mm
  • Aluminum Alloy

Additional Features:

  • Precision V-groove & Crossed Roller

Model ASP-WN104TM13M

Key Features

  • Crossed-roller bearing design for precision movement and larger load capacity
  • All models lockable
  • Extensive interferometric quality testing
  • Reversible for left or right-hand applications
  • Compatible with Newport manual and motorized actuators
  • Stackable for low profile multi-axis positioning


Table Size 60×60mm
Actuator Type Micrometer Head Type
Micrometer Head Position Side
Travel Distance ±6.5mm
Minimum Readout (Resolution) 10μm
Minimum Adjust Distance 3μm
Positional  Accuracy 4μm
Travel Guide Precision V-groove & Crossed Roller
Load Capacity (Horizontally) 10kg
Straightness 2μm
Pitching 25″
Yawing 15″
Parallelism 15μm
Driving Parallelism 7μm
Permissible Moment   Load (N.m) Pitching 2.7 N.m
Yawing 2.2 N.m
Rolling 2.0 N.m
Moment  Rigidity Pitching 0.38″/N·cm
Yawing 0.42″/N·cm
Rolling 0.28″/N·cm
Weight 0.4kg
Material Aluminum Alloy
Finish(Surface Treatment) Black-anodized