Cannabis THC-CBD Smart Analyzer Luminary™ Beacon

This product is no longer available.

Terms and Conditions
Lead time 6-8 weeks, built to order 

  • Cost per testing is a few pennies
  • Testing in 20 seconds
  • No sample preparation, no waste
  • Accurate to the HPLC standard
  • No need for a chemist technicien to use it
  • Use FDA approved analytical method
  • Includes a label printer
  • Discontinued - Replaced byGemmaCert Cannabis Analyser

Partnering with Sage Analytics Allied Scientific Pro bring spectroscopy to a new field. 

The Luminary™ Beacon by Sage Analytics is a potency measurement system that enhances the current state of potency profiling of Total THC, THCA, Total CBD, and CBDA content by providing rapid, accurate measurements, field portability, convenience and affordability to the entire cannabis eco-system. This desktop device will make the inconveniences of potency testing a thing of the past by delivering accurate, spectroscopy-based measurements for real-time, on-site use.

  • Instant, accurate and repeatable measurements of Total THC, THCA, Total CBD, and CBDA of flowers and concentrates.
  • Gather, process and interpret data in seconds.
  • Portable, easy-to-use interface that doesn’t require a trained technician.
  • A greener method: simply uses light, no need to heat, burn or destroy samples.
  • Compact, lightweight, desktop design that requires little space.

Comes with a label printer.

Sage Analytics created a shift in the cannabis industry by adapting FDA-approved technology used in the pharmaceutical industry, to test marijuana potency with a high degree of accuracy and affordability. Sage Analytics can replace or augment current testing methodologies, which are expensive and often insufficient due to the inherent drawbacks of small batch testing. Consumers, regulators, labs, growers, producers, and dispensary owners are demanding quicker and more accurate testing methods, and Sage Analytics provides a vital solution to this industry-wide challenge.