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Ergonomic Centering Station for PSM Analysis

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    • Low cost
    • Easy integration
    • Multiple fonctions
    • Easy-to-use system alignment tool

    Centering Station for PSM Point Source Microscope

    Centration is critical to optical manufacturing in applications such as lens surface to tooling, lens to lens and lens to barrel assembly. Optical Perspectives centering station helps you maximize optical system performance, with innovative features that make it easy to align and center optical components. Its ergonomic design minimizes fatigue to increase operator performance.

    Point Source Microscope Based System

    The PSM Point Source Microscope out-performs standard pointing systems used in conventional centration benches. In addition to detecting centration, it can also measure lens quality and conjugate points for a quick quality check. You can remove the PSM from the station and take advantage of full PSM capability as a compact, easy-to-use system alignment tool (see PSM information).