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Intelligent Atomizing Disinfection Robot

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  • 50 x 50 x 134.5cm / 50kg

  • Max efficiency: 3000mL/h

  • Autonomous path planning

  • Intelligent laser navigation

  • 6H autonomy

  • Automatic charging

This product is equipped with a certified ultrasonic atomizing device, which can evenly spray various disinfection reagents. The spray device switch is programatically aimed at a specific area and time to achieve the best disinfection effect.

Parameters Index
size and weight 50 * 50 * 134.5cm / 50kg
motion Autonomous Path Planning
charging method Autonomous charging
efficiency max 3000ml/h(400mm³/2H)
liquid volume 16L
Suitable media Sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide, peroxyacetic acid, etc.
moving speed 0 ~ 0.6m / s
autonomy 6H (autonomous recharge)
interaction Voice intercom, remote control
safety protection Laser and radar obstacle avoidance. Liquid shortage and power cut protection 
obstacle crossing and grade ability ±10mm, ≤8°