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Luminescence spectrometer and analyzer: ASP-L730

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    • Very high resolution and Superior sensitivity
    • GaAs and AlGaAs luminescence spectrum measurements
    • Low temperature luminescence measurements with a broad range of measurable characteristics
    • User-friendly interface with easy data transfer (USB or Bluetooth)

    The ASP-L730 Luminescence Spectrometer and Analyzer is designed to address the high scientific and commercial application demands in a powerful and portable luminescence analyzer specifically tuned to control the optical characteristics of semiconductor heterostructures.


    • Semiconductor Industry
    • Magnetoluminescence scientific research
    • Electroluminescence scientific research

     Other applications in Food and Beverage industries for fatty oil measurement, dairy, grain kernel analysis and more.

    Luminescence spectrometer and analyzer      
    Lasers   Spectrometer
    Laser Wavelength 730nm   Luminescence Spectral Range 775-870 nm
    Laser Power 10 mW   Spectral Resolution (slit 30 μm) 0.17 nm
        Spectral Resolution (slit 20 μm) 0.12 nm
    Detector   Optical Bench
    Detector Type Linear CCD array   Focal length 75 mm
    Pixel Number 3648   Entrance aperture 30 (20 optional) µm wide slit
    Pixel Size 8μm x 200μm   Grating 1800 g/mm
    Dark current 630 e/pixel/s   holographic grating
    Readout noise 30 e rms    
    Dynamic Range 2100    
    Integration Time 10ms - 500000ms    
    Electronics   Physical
    Computer Interface USB 2.0   Dimensions 265mm x 165mm
    Power Input 100 - 240VAC, 50 - 60Hz   x 65mm
    System requirements Windows XP/Vista/7   Weight 1500 g